Made under the southern cross

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Length: 5,96m

Waterline: 5,96m

Beam: 5,16m

On trailer: 2,28m

Keels: 0,36m

Weight: 500kg

Loaded: 950kg

Carbon Mast: 9,60m/2m2

Mainsail: 19m2

Jib: 9m2

Spinnaker: 39m2

Headroom:   1,40

Outboard 1kw

Bolt-On Beams: The beams and floats on this boat are designed to be light and easily manageable, secured with just a few bolts. Each beam is made using prepreg epoxy/carbon in a vacuum autoclave moulding process, weighing only 20kg each, making them easy for one person to handle. While swing beams and telescopic beams are great for larger vessels, they are prohibitively expensive for a 20ft boat and compromise other specifications. By eliminating the complex metal hardware required for pivoting and retracting systems, we also reduce excess weight. Early in the design process, we decided to prioritize high-spec components and advanced manufacturing techniques to create a pocket cruiser capable of handling the rough conditions along the Australian coastline.


Keels vs. Daggerboards: To avoid the bulky centerboard casing in the cabin, Erik integrated keels into the floats. The keel and hull are molded in one piece, and the keels are no deeper than the main hull, allowing for beach landings. The keels are reinforced with Kevlar for added durability.


Foils: Available as an upgrade, foils can be fitted to the floats with a simple bolt attachment. These foils have been developed, trialed, and tested on many of Erik’s trimarans, delivering a sailing experience comparable to larger trimarans.


Rotating Carbon Spar- Features Eriks’s custom designed wing profile, unique to the Pulsar 20. The innovative single-length9.5m Spar requires no diamond spreaders. The precision tooling and carbon spars are produced in Australia.

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Made under the southern cross

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